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Изделие: "SI220".
Назначение: контрольная панель.
Децимальный номер документа: -
Документ: техническое описание.
Примечание: на английском языке.
Дата: 09.2003 г.
Формат файла: pdf.
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The steel housing of the central control unit is supplied with the main board, the power unit board and the transformer. The housing is monitored for opening and can be leadsealed. It provides room for one communicator, plug-in modules, one 17Ah battery and 2 relay cards.

The following operating modes can be programmed by software for each input (in addition to the name, function etc.):
− normally open
− normally closed
− 1 end-of-line resistor
− 2 end-of-line resistors
− glassbreak sensor line
− fire detector line

The power pack of the central control unit supplies 12V/1.3A to feed the central control unit and the external consumers. As well as the E-BUS supply, 4 separately protected 12V outputs are available. The battery, mains and fuses are all monitored. A failure is signalled to the main board via the E-BUS.

The length of an E-BUS line is 500m, which can be extended to 1000m by using the SAR11 insulator. The E-BUS can be used to connect as many as 7 remote keypads, 10 transponders and 5 power units to the central control unit.

All events that occur are stored in the event memory, together with the date and time. In each case, a separate event memory is available for the 6 arming wards and also for the whole system. In addition, technicians activities are recorded in a separate memory.

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