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Изделие: "Merlin Pro".
Назначение: прибор приемно-контрольный.
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Документ: Installation instructions.
Примечание: на английском языке.
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Формат файла: pdf.
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The Merlin Pro is a programmable standalone FW receiver with a small LCD display for easy programming and status indication.

The programming is performed by 4 keys touch contacts (rolling menu).

It can learn up to 64 wireless detectors and 256 Remotes Control, 8 wirelesses for every output.

Any pre programmed wireless detection is converting to the outputs accordingly.

The Merlin Pro contains 8 Outputs (Dry contact) that can be connected to Zones inputs in wire Control Panel.

The Merlin Pro is protected with tampers that activate when opening the service cover or while there is a tamper alarm from one of the detectors.

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